Our commitment to the environment

Quality is the most important value with reference to our company activities. It means concrete choices, maniacal controls, rigorous application of rules.

This is our policy, whose value is confirmed by the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification. Therefore our quality control department is equipped with the best mechanical and computerized control devices. Every working sector within our company, starting from our production departments to the canteen, from the training room to our relaxing areas, have been studied to ensure the maximum confort for all our staff. But total quality also means respect of nature and to take care of environment with an architectonic integration, showing a deep sensitivity to the ecological problem.

This philosophy gave us the chance to become a trustworthy partner for prestigious international companies. Mollificio Bergamasco fully supports the objectives of the OECD to prevent the exploitation of raw materials that can be a source of financial benefits for armed groups in conflict areas.

Our certifications

Our commitment

From 2013 the photovoltaic system with power 244.80 Kw is operating for the reduction of CO2 in the environment.